Over the air TV is better than you may think

Not sure if you have tried using an antenna on your TV but it is amazing how many channels you can receive. With high definition resolution, you will be impressed at the sharpness of your reception. For many of you, this idea will bring back memories of your dad having you hold onto the TV rabbit ears with one hand and raising your other hand just right so he could watch “Rawhide”.¬† Antennas and hi-def have come a long way since then.
A number of TVs come with a wire that plugs into a cable outlet on the back of your TV. Other units  even have a built-in antenna. The wire blends in, since you can run it up under a curtain and still have reception. Depending on your location, you may find that you do not receive all the local affiliates for NBC,ABC, CBS, and FOX. I can get all the channels except 5 or if I move my wire around get Channel 4, I loose Channel 5.

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