A Hotspot In This Weather?

Recently, I was in a warm, cozy park cabin enjoying the view. However, I needed to check my emails and work on a few projects but there was no Wi-Fi. I could use my Smartphone for the emails but I really dislike that tiny keyboard and prefer to use my tablet. Normally, I would look for a free Wi-Fi area but our weather then was not very pleasant and I wanted an alternative. My phone’s personal hotspot allowed my computer and tablet to access the Internet without leaving the warm cabin.
If you are in an area without Wi-Fi access and do not want to wait until you get home, or if you are traveling and do not like paying a hotel for Wi-Fi access, one solution is to turn on a Smartphone hotspot. You may need to change your data connection plan with your wireless provider. When I changed my sharing plan, surprisingly it actually cost less. The amount of data you download by surfing the net or checking your emails could be large so make sure your plan will cover it. Before you change your plan, ask your wireless provider if your tablet or computer will tether with your brand of phone.